Villa Glanzstoff

Today’s “Villa Glanzstoff” was rebuilt in 1905 as a residential house for the first production manager of the Glanzstoffwerk in Oberbruch, Dr. Lossow. Rebuilding plans from 1926, prove the transformation into a so-called “guest house”, which accommodated visitors from the other sites of the Glanzstoff group. Due to the central location of the house, opposite the former administration building at gate 1, visitors had direct access to the site.
Until the 1970s, the direct view of the historic paper mill was reminiscent of the company’s founding site, the Rheinische Glühlampenfabrik 1891 and the Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken AG 1899.
Before being redesigned to “Villa Glanzstoff”, the house was used as a residential building and doctor’s surgery.

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Die ehemalige Glühlampenfabrik am alten Flussbett der Wurm: die Geburtsstätte des Unternehmens
Schichtwechsel an Tor 1 in den Nachkriegsjahren unter Britischer Verwaltung
Das Verwaltungsgebäude an Tor 1 im Jahr 1914